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PREP4Gold’s approach to achieving real “cures” is distinctive in its execution. It begins with our team, drawing from the personal experiences with our own children, and builds upon deep relationships with the research and clinical community, the National Cancer Institute, consortiums such as the Children’s Oncology Group and Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium, and our high-profile participation in the process. PREP4Gold is driven by the desire to find the most aggressive projects, identify gaps in funding, obviate duplication and strategically invest in high risk, high reward research.


Some of the research that has been funded by the PREP4Gold team includes:


·Simone Sredni, MD, Ph.D from Northwestern who needed funds to support the underlying studies necessary to initiate a promising drug candidate into clinical trials for AT/RT. She is moving her research forward to initiate this drug into clinical trials.

·Oren Becher, MD from Northwestern who utilized the funds to alter genes in several mutational drivers in the pediatric brain cancer DIPG to determine the druggable susceptibility of those targets and screen compounds to prioritize one or more into further research efforts and clinical trials.

·Kevin Curran, MD at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to support his efforts to establish a CAR-T cell therapy clinical trial for children with acute myeloid leukemia upon relapse, who have a specific mutational target.

·Maro Ohanian, DO from MD Anderson who utilized the funds to support her groundbreaking research efforts and clinical trial initiation to reduce the toxic effects from underlying treatment and various toxic metal exposures of children, as well as the utilization of a cardio-protective drug to protect the heart from damage.

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