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24 Hours in a Car

Did you know that childhood cancer is the number 1 cause of death by disease in the U.S. for children and young adults, and that 1 out of every 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before their 19th birthday? We did not, until we unfortunately had no choice.


Given the television commercials and images of smiling bald children, it is difficult to grasp the reality that children with cancer are so often treated with drugs that in many cases are more than 40 to 50 years old and cause life-long debilitating side effects including secondary cancers. In many cases, children with cancer are so deeply effected during treatment by the very drugs that save their lives that they spend weeks, months, and sometime years worth of their lives confined to a small sterile hospital room.


This fall, Jonathan Agin, Executive Director of PREP4Gold Childhood Cancer Organization will spend 24 hours inside the small confines of a vehicle in the showroom of Don Beyer Kia in Falls Church, VA, while a webcam captures it all. The purpose of this event is not only to raise funds to support PREP4Gold’s mission, but also to raise awareness of the difficulties associated with being confined for long periods of time, even if for only 24 hours.

We hope you will consider the various levels of sponsorship available for this event. Your contribution has the power to make a difference in the lives of many families. 

Please stay tuned on further event details and how you can support Jonathan and our fight against childhood cancer. Only through your generosity can we accomplish the ambitious mission that is the foundation of PREP4Gold. 

PREP4Gold Presenting Sponsor - $5,000

o Exclusive sponsorship of the event 
o Exclusive signage and recognition before, during, and after event (PREP4Gold 24 Hours in a Car for Childhood Cancer
presented by YOUR COMPANY!)
o Primary logo recognition on PREP4Gold social media, website
o Exclusive logo placement along with PREP4Gold logo on cover of event day handout
o Event day recognition via livestream and other brand mentions
o Premier placement in a post-event thank you

Childhood Cancer Prevention Sponsors - $1,000

o Logo and corporate brand placement on primary
sponsorship signage
o Recognition on PRE
P4Gold social media, website
o Placement of logo and corporate brand along with
PREP4Gold logo on cover of event day handout and thank you

Childhood Cancer Survivorship Sponsors - $500

o Recognition on PREP4Gold social media, website, and during event livestream
o Placement of logo and corporate brand along with
PREP4Gold logo on cover of event day handout and thank you

For more information or to give the gift of sponsorship, please email

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