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Join PREP4Gold in recognizing the 1st Childhood Cancer Prevention Day!

Can childhood cancers be prevented? Currently many presume the answer is no. But science is proving to us otherwise. The incidence rate of children getting diagnosed continues to increase, while our medical community continues to improve methods to treat childhood cancers and save more children than ever before. Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of our children. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


The time is now to raise awareness about the prevention of childhood cancer, learn more about it, and get more involved. Prevention is not only possible, it is the ultimate cure for protecting our children from the impact of childhood cancer. With combined voices on February 28th, let's emphasize that prevention matters!

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The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative

The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative (CCPI) began with the vision of PREP4Gold Co-Founder and Board Director Anne Robertson and Richard Plotkin, long-time childhood cancer advocate.  Anne's persistence and tenacity provided the ultimate impetus for this groundbreaking effort aimed at the prevention of childhood cancer.  With Anne and Richard's passion, and through the guidance of PREP4Gold's Executive Director Jonathan Agin, a large and broad coalition of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) came together to produce one of the first multi-stakeholder white papers aimed at the topic of the alarming rise in the incidence rates of childhood cancer in the United States since the mid 1970's.


PREP4Gold's Commitment to Prevention

PREP4Gold's continued participation in the CCPI - led by Robertson and Agin, and now includes first year Board Member and Prevention Committee Lead Judith Fulmer - is focused on raising the profile of the topic of the prevention of childhood cancer.  The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative is a growing cross-sector collaboration taking on this important work that includes members of the Cancer Free Economy Network — American Sustainable Business Council, Center for Environmental Health, Children’s Environmental Health Network, Clean & Healthy New York, Clean Production Action, and the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production — as well as Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center, MadeSafe, Naturepedic, Toxic Free Future for Our Children, Swifty Foundation, and Herbicide-free Campus, and more. 


Until now, the majority of the work done in the childhood cancer community has focused on a "cure."  PREP4Gold's vision includes the belief that prevention is a topic that pervades through every facet of childhood cancer and survivorship, and more importantly, that prevention is an achievable goal. Through parental education, systems change, and improved legislative protections, PREP4Gold is committed to establishing prevention-minded care for children with cancer.

Working together with collaborators in the CCPI, PREP4Gold is leading the charge on prevention. 

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Visit PREP4Gold News to read current articles about childhood cancer prevention, environmental toxins, and possibilities to prevent long term side effects for our childhood cancer survivors.

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