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PREP4Gold's wish is to establish the next generation of prevention-sensitive care - supporting PREVENTION, RESEARCH, EDUCATION, and PROGRAMS for children with cancer and their families.


We hope you'll join PREP4Gold on your birthday or other special event this year through a simple Facebook fundraiser! To create a fundraiser for PREP4Gold, follow the simple steps below provided by Facebook and reach out to with any questions. 


  1. Login to Facebook.

  2. Navigate to the PREP4Gold page and click on the Fundraisers tab.

  3. On the right hand side of your screen, click "Raise money"

  4. Edit the details including the length of your fundraiser and how much you aim to raise. You can also edit the title and description.

  5. Click "Create" and start fundraising! At the conclusion of your fundraiser, all money raised will be provided directly to PREP4Gold. 


You can invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.

Thank you for supporting PREP4Gold on your special event this year - together we can fight for more treatment free, cancer free, birthdays, holidays, and more for children throughout the world. 

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