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Judy Fulmer, MS
Board of Directors, Member


Judy Fulmer, MS, is an educator and engineer with a background in

environmental safety and health and regulatory compliance.

Judy has a B.S. in Radiological Health Engineering and a M.S.

in Health Physics from Texas A&M University.  


She is active in childhood cancer legislative advocacy and

awareness on the state and national level.  She has a special

interest in adolescent and young adult cancer as well as

educating others about the connections between gestational and

childhood exposure to environmental contaminants and childhood

cancer incidence.  Judith became involved in the childhood cancer

community following the diagnosis of her daughter, Julia, at the age of 13 with T-Cell ALL in August 2014.  Her daughter endured a challenging 2 ½ year treatment, wrought with treatment related challenges and both long and short-term effects and subsequent surgeries and therapies during her cancer treatment recovery period.  The experience of caring for her daughter and witnessing the experiences of other families created a passion in Judith to educate others about the unmet needs of the childhood cancer community with the goal of improving the experience for future childhood cancer patients and their families.  This includes supporting and encouraging families during and after their childhood cancer journey. This also involves educating and collaborating with legislators and others who are in a position to change the status quo to make improvements to childhood and adolescent/young adult cancer treatment, research, and survivorship in all aspects. 


Judy is the past Prevention Lead for PREP4Gold. She cares a great deal about the childhood cancer prevention initiative, at the heart of PREP4Gold, since the ultimate goal is to prevent children and their families from having to endure childhood cancer at all. 


Judy resides in Marion, SC with her husband, Philip, and has four children:  Jonathan, Caleb, Aaron and Julia.